It's possible that the subject of fandom in my house has reached an uncomfortable level. My boys, who are love so much are branching out and having ideas of their own on what sports teams to root for. While I support their exploration of their own ideas they are hurtful little dudes.

I am a fan of the Yankees and Raiders for the simple reason that my grandpa Milano was. That's as simple as it is. My dad is a fan of the Yankees and the Raiders because of my grandpa. I wanted to pass the baton to my guys but they are going out on their own.

I have to accept this for what it is and respect their choices but I know one little nugget who will have my back and carry the fan torch for the Milano's and her name is Vida Lucia Milano. Sure, she is 6 months old and sure she will develop her own opinions when she gets older but I can see a river of loyalty in those deep blue eyes that is unmistakable. My wife is a Raiderette too and a Yankee fan, so at least I have my girls in my corner.

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