Listeners of the Ethan and Lou show have heard both Ethan and I say this is an emotion free zone. This helps remind people that we are going to say things that might make some people uncomfortable and you just have to deal with it and not get emotional.

The same does not apply at home. I try and stay as even as I can but when my daughter climbs into my lap, grabs my hand and says daddy it's all over. I'm a human emoticon.

This happened yesterday when she was feeling under the weather and I cried like I got mule kicked in "the stones." I say things all the time on the Ethan and Lou show about how life is terrible and everything is bad. It's just not true, life is good, real good.

It blows my mind that I have been blessed with Vida and I am thankful everyday. I'd prefer she'd stop hitting me in the face with her toys but it makes her laugh to see me say "ow" so I'll just deal with it.

And yes, mom painted her nails. They go well with her pink shirt stained with avocado debris and her Jellies.

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