Let me begin this article by stating how much I've missed going to the movies.  Thanks to CT Insider, I have just discovered that Newtown's 500 seat Edmond Town Hall Theatre will be lifting some restrictions due to the pandemic and will begin showing movies on weekends starting in July.

Social distancing will still be in effect, which means capacity will be limited to 160 people. From time to time, movies will be shown for special occasions like this Sunday's showing of "The Lion King" to benefit autism awareness.

Also coming to the big screen at Edmond Town Hall before their July opening will be free movies from time to time, thanks to Ingersoll Auto of Danbury. One of those times is Friday, May 21 through Thursday, May 27, when the featured movie will be "Trolls World Tour". Even though there's free admission, because of their social distancing policy, you still need to reserve your seats by clicking on edmondtownhall.org/movies/.

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When their regular movie series debuts in July, films will be shown on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Edmond Town Hall upgraded their digital projector before the pandemic hit, which now shows well-lit crystal clear movies.

If you've heard of Edmond Town Hall but have never taken in a flick, all movies are second-run films which means movie tickets and snacks are more affordable than at an AMC theater.

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