A set rigger working on the Motley Crue movie The Dirt was rushed to the hospital after being electrocuted during production. TMZ reported that the incident took place on set in New Orleans while the unnamed man was on a roof after filming had completed for the day on Mar. 10.

A spokesman for the production confirmed to The Hollywood Reporter that the worker was one of the off-set rigging crew and was dismantling a set. “Even though all of our safety protocols were in place, an accident did occur and a crew member was injured by electricity,” he said, adding that that a full recovery was expected.

The Dirt, which is being made by Netflix, began shooting this month after having spent 15 years in development. Daniel Webber plays Vince Neil, Douglas Booth is Nikki Sixx, Machine Gun Kelly is Tommy Lee and Iwan Rheon is Mick Mars. Supporting roles of Ozzy Osbourne and Heather Locklear are played by Tony Cavalero and Rebekah Graf. It’s being directed by Jeff Tremaine. The script is based on Motley Crue’s 2001 memoir of the same name, which was subtitled “Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band.” No completion or release date has been confirmed.

Drummer Lee made headlines last week after a violent altercation with his son, Brandon, who he alleged knocked him unconscious. He went on to accuse ex-wife Pamela Anderson for turning their sons against him, and denied that he was a “deviant alcoholic abuser.” In a later statement he said: “Do I drink? Yes. Do I drink more than the average Joe? Yes. Have I ever hurt my sons or acted out of turn with them because of my drinking? No.”

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