BREAKING: Moose runs wild outside AMC Lowes Theater in Danbury on Monday (9/26/22).

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I must give credit to the Ethan, Lou and Large Dave Show Meteorologist Jack Drake AKA Jack on the Reels. Jack broke Moose-Gate on his Facebook (Danbury Weather) on Tuesday (9/27/22). In addition to Jack's work on the I-95 Morning Show, he does his own independent reporting. Jack is a real meteorologist, a WCSU grad and a cloud enthusiast. Jack posted the video with the following header:

"MOOSE ON THE LOOSE: Large Moose Spotted in Danbury and Surrounding Towns

Has anyone else seen this moose? This image is from the AMC Lowes plaza yesterday afternoon, and shows a moose running through the parking lot.
The moose has also recently been spotted in Woodbury and Newtown.
I’ve never heard of moose in our immediate area, but I don’t think there is any mistaking that photo, and there have now been several additional reports."
UPDATE: The original/longer video comes courtesy of Michael Bower, and was delivered to me by Jack Drake AKA "Jack on the Reels.

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The first video I received came from Karly Nicole on Facebook. (WARNING): Language  




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The moose, or a different moose was also spotted in Newtown recently, in the Hawleyville area. The picture below was taken by Jimmy Glynn.

Jack on the Reels
Jimmy Glynn

I've been told the moose is looking for a mate, moving East to West and was also spotted in New Fairfield.

Any day with a loose moose, is a good day, in my opinion. I mean this brings joy to the community, boosts my numbers and draws your attention to a valuable resource in the community (Jack). It's a win-win-win.

The only way this goes horribly wrong, is if people try and chill with the moose, try and touch it, speak to it or feed it Twizzlers. Let's just keep our distance so we can keep the moose and ourselves safe.

The commentator is spot on, that is how you introduce a moose, "A f----- moose."

P.S. This story was meant for I-95. The moose is the official mascot of I-95, and has been since the beginning. Don't believe me? Google it.

We talked about the "loose moose" this morning (9/27/22) on the Ethan, Lou & Large Dave Morning Show on I-95.

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