Taco Bell has been running a World Series promotion for seven years now. When the first person steals a base in a World Series game, it means one free taco for each of us at your participating Taco Bell location. Specifically it's the "Dorito's Locos Taco" that you can get for free thanks to Mookie Betts' first inning stolen base last night.

I think if my Spanish is correct this means the tacos are crazy. The only thing I love more than tacos are crazy tacos. So thanks Mookie Betts! It's the first thing you have done all year that did not send me into a rage.

Now we all just have to remember to cash in on this deal. There is a short window to get your free taco. You have to go to Taco Bell on November 1st between 2pm and 6pm and say gimme my "Dorito's Locos Taco" courtesy of Mookie Betts.

This is how much I love tacos, I'm thanking Mookie Betts for something. Is nothing sacred? Not when tacos hang in the balance.


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