Indy the wallaby escaped from a North Salem home back in March of 2014 and looks like a kangaroo, but smaller.

The missing wallaby has been on an extended vacation for the last three years since he broke free from a fenced in yard. Since Indy took off, there have been wallaby sightings all over the Hudson Valley, most recently in Brewster, according to the North Salem Daily Voice.

Even though Indy is very quiet, he could kick your ass in a kick boxing competition. DO NOT approach the wallaby to introduce yourself, unless you have some roses. Indy loves to eat roses. He also loves to snack on wheat thins and triscuits, according to his owners Susan and Warren.

Brewster resident, Peter Lind, who spotted Indy while he was driving, said the wallaby was the size of a large brown dog, but moved much quicker. If you happen to spot Indy the wallaby, call the owners, Susan Bush or Warren Saks at 914-669-0006 or 646-628-6228.

Please enjoy these two wallabies fighting on a beach in Australia:

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