According to the Hartford Courant fantasy fans, comic book fans, movie fans, fanatics of all kinds descended on Hartford, CT's Connecticut Convention Center July 12 to 14. Like Comic-Con Connecti-Con was featured fans dressed as their favorite fictional characters.

Well yeah, it's over, I missed it and I am sad. I've never been to Comic-Con, I've always wanted to go. There are three reasons:

  • I love fantasy movies, comic books/comic movies and most of all sci-fi stuff.
  • I love to have a laugh at someone's expense while speaking with them and make sure they don't know that I am laughing. (I'll come back to that). SEE BELOW
  • My understanding is that tons of grown women like dressing as their favorite comic book characters at these things. Female comic book characters have male fantasies built right into them. It's science, everyone knows this. Yeah, OK, I'm the problem for wanting to look.

Back to me having a laugh at someone else's expense. I know that sounds bad but it's not at all what you think. I don't think I am better than someone else because they are a super fan or wear a costume. It's not like I would walk around a convention center in jeans and a "T" taunting dudes in costumes. Not at all, not my style.

I know my luck with attending events of any kind. I attract crazy like a mega magnet. What will inevitably happen is I'd end up in a conversation with someone who believes in the heart that they are Frodo Baggins. I don't doubt that I would find a person who believes with every fiber of their being that they are Thor.

This is where the fun starts. I don't tell them they are not. I don't tell them they are stupid, no. I ask many, many, many questions and enjoy the show. Sure, their is an evil smirk on my face the entire time but I don't laugh in their face. It's the little man, the little man inside me cackling like a cartoon hyena.

New Goal - The Ethan and Lou Show broadcasts live from Connecti-Con next year.


2016 New York Comic Con - Day 3
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