Alright, Miss France, Iris Mittenaere is your new Miss Universe. This year, by all accounts there were no big controversies, which is rare for any pageant. Last year at the event, host Steve Harvey announced that the wrong girl had won. He announced Miss Colombia as the winner and she was not the winner. That basically kicked off a three week international incident. Miss Teen USA years back gave us all one of the great soundbites of all time.

This time around, no incidents to speak of and what a bummer. Fact is, pageants are boring without a controversy or a dopey answer. We did not get that. What we got was an obviously beautiful girl walking away with a title that no longer carries a lot of weight. People don't put a premium on a pretty face the way they used to. I guess that is not the end of the world but it does beg a question. How long before our politically correct world outlaws beauty pageants. It represents everything certain people are looking to destroy.

I give it twenty more years. After that you won't be able to find a beauty pageant anywhere. In it's place, I imagine ugly contests where the contestants are applauded for their bravery. We will shun the beautiful, they will be cast out for their genetic advantages and sent to live on an island alone, together. I guess I am OK with that because I will make frequent trips to that island to feed and shoe the beautiful.

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