I'm a huge stand up comedy fan. I watch probably 25 specials a year and rarely do I feel like I need to tell people that they need to see one. This one you do need to see. It's called: "Thank God for Jokes."

Just a piece of advice, don't watch this special while your newborn baby is sleeping in your arms because you will wake him or her up. I tried holding my daughter and watching this all at once. Long story short, I woke her cackling like a madman.

"He did cat puns for an hour!" He actually did not do cat puns for an hour. Once you see it, you will know what I mean and you will pee yourself. Actual pee in your actual pants. If you have Netflix, watch it tonight. If you don't, then get it.

FAIR WARNING - He does get political at one point. It's not for long and if you are a grown up and you can set aside your political views for three minutes then you will survive it.

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