Washington State man, Robert Boule, is alleged to have helped seven illegal migrants cross the border from The United States into Canada.  He owns a bed and breakfast called The Smuggler's Inn.

According to Global News, The "Inn" is steps away from the US/Canada border and room are going for $700 a night. The migrants are reportedly from Afghanistan and Syria.

Global News caught up with Boule who said he could not comment on the story. However, Len Saunders is a U.S. based immigration lawyer and friend of Boule and had this to say:

Who cares how he gets paid as an innkeeper? That’s irrelevant. He has a service that he does at the border, and I don’t think it’s up to him to determine where his clients go after they spend the night at his inn.

Not irrelevant and everyone cares Len. Typical lawyer B.S. There is nothing about that is irrelevant, especially the amount of money "your friend" is charging to stay at his "Inn."

We have a potentially dangerous international situation. No one should be allowed to pay $700 to stay at a hellhole motel on the border of the U.S. and be smuggled into Canada (allegedly). These are the stories no one reads right before something tragic happens.

I mean, what are we  talking about here? Do you see that place? We know what's up and you are called "THE SMUGGLER'S INN!"

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