Later this year, you could be ordering up flights of delicious handcrafted beer at a new microbrewery in Ridgefield.

According to the Ridgefield Press, the Planning and Zoning Commission drafted an approval for the proposed microbrewery this past Tuesday. The plans also include a brew pub. The new brewpub/brewery will be named Nod Hill Brewery and located at 137 Ethan Allen Highway (Route 7) in Ridgefield.

The brewery will be 2,440 square feet, and will include a tap room where beer lovers will be able to sample and chow down on snacks. 64-ounce growlers will also be available for purchase. Brewpub owner Robert Kaye told the Ridgefield Press that he would also devote a small 200 square-foot space to sell brewery related items like glasses and shirts.

Some Ridgefield residents have raised concerns about possible beer smells emanating from the brewery. Yes, you read that correctly. Kaye told those residents that the only smells will come from the fermentation process, which smells more like a bakery than a brewery. Once Kaye submits his formal application for the brewery/brewpub, he's hoping he'll be up and running down the road in 2017.

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