A friend of mine, who will remain anonymous was away on a short vacation in Florida. Monday he sent me a few videos from clubs he alleges are both in the South Beach area of Miami.

He sent this one with the caption: "So this is Miami, a tad bit different than CT, lol."

He says the above video was taken this past Saturday night (12/5/20) and the video below was taken at a different club the next night (12/6/20).

He continued by saying, he and his significant other were "the only ones wearing masks." He added; "Yep, thousands of people dancing on top of each other, crazy! And, people are worried about dining in a restaurant? Miami says hold my beer. And, this wasn't just at these two clubs, there were about 15 pool parties and after parties everywhere but they have a curfew of midnight so it's OK, lol."

I asked him if it was just the clubs on South Beach or did this attitude extend beyond the nightlife and he remarked that there were no temperature checks flying back into NY and no paperwork to fill in when they got back. They only required them if you had plans to stay in NY. He was coming back to CT so he was not required to do anything.

I questioned whether there was any appearance that folks in Florida are aware of COVID-19 and he said, "there were signs everywhere saying you must wear a mask but no one was wearing one." He added the clubs "did require temperature checks" but that was about it.

He told me the restaurants and stores were very strict about masks and they will not let you in without one. He also needed to wear a mask to walk to the pool parties but after that it was "bedlam."

Florida, you say?

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