Even though it doesn't take much more than an invitation, I'd like to know what kind of food or refreshments are going to be available at events before I commit to going.

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Yes, even during a pandemic, I can be a picky eater at times. I've written a few times during the course of the past few months about Core Event Planning, and their drive-thru food truck festivals that they've set up successfully at the Bethlehem Fairgrounds. Well, I have to thank my buddy Tiny for the head's up that this weekend, Saturday and Sunday, October 3-4, 2020, the Harwinton Fair is holding a drive-thru fair food event, and I got the list of vendors and a menu for you.

So, basically how it goes, the event is held both days from 11AM to 6PM at the Harwinton Fairgrounds, which is located at 150 Locust Road. You drive in, and you're given a disposable menu, pictured above, where you make your selections, pay, and wait for a runner to bring your food and beverages, after which you can drive into the designated area, get out of your vehicle, safely socially distance, and grub down.

Dolly's will be back with their Tots, Hot Dogs, and Italian Sausage Grinders. Low n Slow will be slinging BBQ Pork, Chicken, Pulled Pork, and Mac & Cheese. The Chicken Shack will sell BBQ and Buffalo Chicken, Tenders, Poutine, and Fried Pickles. Macken Sliders will drop Garlic Bomb, Naked, and BBQ Sliders on you. Landon's will be frying up their famous Fritters, Fried Dough, and Funnel Cakes. Classic Cuisine will be bringing their super spuds, and topping their tasty taters with all sorts of ingredients. Ultimate Sundae will sell, uh...Ultimate Sundaes. Deb's Cafe keeps it classic with Fried Mootz, Rings, Steak and Cheese Grinders, and Fried Oreos.

All of this is making my mouth water, but hey, see ya there.

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