I don't even know whose permission to ask anymore to change the I-95 mascot from the moose to the rabbit so I am just going to go ahead and make the decision. The fact is I've never seen a moose outside the radio station but I have seen the same rabbit every morning for a year and I consider him/her a dear friend and now it's time to name it. Won't you help me?

I have an emotional attachment to this animal that grows stronger every time it visits me and that's pretty special because I'm not what you would call an "animal person." When I tell people that they either roll their eyes or call me a terrible person but I'm just being honest. I'd also guess that 41% of people who say they are "animal people" are liars because animals poop on things and that's obnoxious at the least.

So what name can we give this rabbit that is not gender specific? I'd also like the name to have a tie to the local area or Rock and Roll. What I do not want is a name that has anything to do with Danbury's hat industry. We have not made hats in like a thousand years so it's time to either start making them again or move on with our lives and stop talking about it. So what do we go with here? Should we straight up name it after a Rock star like Axl, Lita or Flea? That's kind of where I am leaning but I am wife open to suggestions on this.

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