Great news for Micky D fans!

McDonald's has just debuted two new variations on their Big Mac sandwich and it's about time! According to, McDonald's now offers(for a limited time only) a Double Big Mac and the Little Mac.

I'm not going to apologize for the fact that I love the Big Mac sandwich. I don't care that it's 540 calories. I don't care that it has 10g of saturated fat along with 75mg of cholesterol because I only dig into a Big Mac once every couple of months as a treat.

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The problem with the original Big Mac is that it's almost impossible to eat and enjoy it while driving, and that's the only time I chow down at Micky D's. Herein lies the problem. Everyone knows you can't drive safely while juggling a Big Mac and fries.

The Big Mac is obviously a 'two-handed' sandwich. If you have one hand on the steering wheel, your other hand is attempting to balance your Mac. Now you're trying to sneak a bite while you look up doing your best not to hit the car in front of you.

You've taken that much-anticipated bite and all of a sudden you've got secret sauce dripping onto your lap with lettuce and pickles flying out of your Mac like projectiles onto the car seat. Meanwhile, you've cruised through a stop sign and missed your turn. I'm telling you, this is no way to live your life people.

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This is when the 'Little Mac' comes to the rescue! You're still dealing with lettuce, pickles, and secret sauce BUT only one hamburger pattie. Now you're the master of your driving domain! One more warning, DO NOT, I repeat, do not attempt to drive a vehicle while devouring the McDonald's 'Double Big Mac' which includes four hamburger patties.

Does anyone really need a sandwich with four patties? I'm not judging. The 'Double Big Mac' and 'Little Mac' are only available for a limited time.





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