Praying, crying, and reflecting on his life is what Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton did the night before his brain surgery, according to the NewsTimes.

Mark's 7 1/2 hour operation to remove a lemon sized benign cyst was performed at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center. Boughton told the NewsTimes:

You reflect back on your life and you hope that, if you're going to die, that you've done right by people the best you can.

Mayor Mark began suffering with dizziness, headaches, and some vision problems around 3 1/2 years ago which was the benign tumor growing inside his head. Mark finally went to his GP to have it checked out and his doctor told him you need to immediately go to the ER. The evening before his surgery he was honestly reflecting and thinking about the possibility that he might die.

I prayed that I would be forgiven for my sins. I thought of our community, the love, compassion and caring they showed.

I-95 File Photo
I-95 File Photo

On the day of the surgery, it took Dr. Friedlander six hours to remove the cyst because of all the delicate brain matter surrounding the tumor. Because a portion of Mark's skull had to be removed to get at the cyst, a metal plate was placed over the area to keep the bone in place. Is it too soon for metal plate in head jokes?

As soon as Mark woke up from the surgery, Dr. Friedlander stood over him and said, "We got everything!" Mayor Boughton proceeded to yell, "YES" as he pumped his fists!

From Lou and I, Welcome back Mr. Mayor! We are thrilled to say that Mayor Mark Boughton will join us on stage Friday evening at our "10th Anniversary Special."

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