If you're not Snoop Dogg, a random visit by Martha Stewart might be completely off the table and would never happen. On Friday, November 24th, Martha was in Westport, Connecticut, and stopped by a "giant tent sale" that was being put on by a local business.

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Maybe it wasn't that random, but Martha did come by and see the folks at Furniture on Consignment II and, according to their Facebook page are "One of the stars of the Great American Tag Sale with Martha Stewart." I am not familiar with that designation so, I had to look it up. Indeed, The Great American Tag Sale with Martha Stewart was an ABC TV show now streaming on Hulu and the dude in the Instagram video was one of the three guys that appeared on the show, Jim Klinko. The guy in the middle in this pic from an ABC YouTube video.


Martha does a little impromptu commercial for Jim, but the weather and cars flying by on whatever road that is, drowns her out pretty well, but we all get the idea. In this instance, the thought more than counts. I bet her endorsement means quite a bit for him and his business.

For more articles written by this guy, you can tap or click right here, including one about an entire abandoned neighborhood somewhere in Connecticut. Thanks for hanging out with me and if I see another random celebrity sighting in Connecticut I will let you guys know, see you all again real soon.

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