UPDATE: The man originally named in this article has been expunged of the charges, therefore, his photo and any mention of his name have been removed.


This begs the comment, "Keep it in your pants, buddy!"

I'd say there are no words, but in this case, there is a ton to be said, but I'll keep it simple; pervert, and perhaps I'll toss in dumbass.

In a story from fox61.com, apparently a man doing some shopping at the Goodwill couldn't keep it in his pants. He's being accused of exposing himself to a woman at a branch in Wallingford.

In the fox61.com article, police say the woman told officers that she made eye contact with the suspect in the store and then realized that he was exposing himself. Just a look was all it took. When she went to report what she saw to an employee the suspect walked out. Thankfully, there was a surveillance camera that caught his license plate and he was tracked down not long after. Police arrested the man, who they say initially denied being in the Goodwill store, but later reversed that and admitted to exposing himself.

I'm going to steal a line from another campaign - If you see something, say something.

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