What? Another storm?! Hey, Mother Nature, time to give it a rest!

That's right boys and girls if the article I'm currently reading is correct on the Putnam Daily Voice website, we're going to get slapped around again come Monday evening.

Instead of a dumping of blowing snow, who's ever in charge 'up there' has rolled the dice and come up with a combo platter of 'snow and ice' from Monday night into Tuesday. This prediction comes courtesy of Accuweather meteorologist, Elliot Abrams who says that we may get a mixture of snow and ice that should kick off late Monday afternoon.

First, let's pre-game shall we. Dangerous cold is settling in for the weekend bringing minus 22-degree wind chills to parts of our area which is why there is an official 'Wind Chill Advisory' in effect until Sunday morning. Saturday's high will be a lovely 10 degrees with strong wind gusts and the high on Sunday should be in the upper teens.

Monday's high will reach the freezing mark and then according to the National Weather Service we could see a mixture of snow and freezing rain late Monday night into Tuesday morning making it 'Bring Your Ice Skates to Work' day. Hunker down, everybody and remember that snow does have some positive medicinal effects on your FACE!




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