I get that I am fast becoming "Conspiracy Theory Man," and that makes it difficult for me to have any credibility to present a theory without people saying, "Oh, here we go again." Well, here we go again, because Major League Baseball has some explaining to do.

They unquestionably "juiced" their already "juiced" baseballs for the London Series between the Yankees and Red Sox. The two teams combined to score 50 runs in two games and that is all you need to know.

When I say that the baseballs are "juiced," I mean that they've been specifically manufactured to allow the ball to fly farther. So of course they "juiced" the balls - why wouldn't they in this case? This was a corporation taking its two shiniest products on tour and selling, selling, selling. They were not going to take any chances on showing up and delivering a pitchers' duel.

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