I grew up hanging out around Scruples Cafe on Watertown Avenue in Waterbury. My dad was good friends with the owner, Nick Jamele. My dad and I used to go in, and hang out with the characters there on Saturday afternoons, drink a few beers, and eat whatever Nick had cooking in the small, cramped kitchen. Scruples always had that speak easy feel to it. A place where blue collar workers could blow off some steam after a hard day's work.

My dad passed a few years ago, and I haven't been into Scruples in quite a while. I do see Nick Jamele occasionally. He was such a good friend to my dad. Well, Nick finally packed it in, and sold Scruples recently. I saw the scaffolding going up around the bar over the Winter. The new owners have done a really nice job renovating the place.

I had dinner the other night with Mrs. Large at The Grotto, and I spoke with both Joe and Mrs. G. They told me that Nick just got tired of the daily grind of keeping the place open. They gave the new owners of Scruples high praise for bringing life back into the dilapidated space. A new full-service kitchen is in operation, and the interior has been completely updated. Congratulations!

I hope that the new owners will keep this Waterbury institution running for years to come. I'll see you on the golf course, Nick.

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