The LSU Tigers head to Alabama to take on the Crimson Tide (11/9/19) at 3:30. The whole College Football world will be watching and for good reason, this game will help shape the rest of the College Football year. The AP poll ranks LSU #1 and Alabama #2, ESPN ranks LSU #2 and Alabama #3 and the College Football Coaches Poll has Alabama at #1 and LSU at #2 and both teams are 8-0.

Whatever ranking, you think matters, this is as big, a regular season, College Football game as there is. There is some question as to whether Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa can even play in the game, due to a high ankle sprain. I hope he does because this match-up, head to head, with all the key players will be electric.

The knock on Alabama this year, as good as they are, is that haven't played a soul. Their, in conference (SEC) games so far have been against the softer teams in the entire conference like Arkansas, Ole Miss, Tennessee, South Carolina and Texas A & M, with A & M being their only Top 25 opponent of the year. They took care of them and the other powerhouse programs they played like; Duke, New Mexico State and Southern Miss. Their schedule has been a joke.

On the flip side, LSU has already played and beaten the top programs in the SEC and  a heavy hitter outside the conference. They already took down Florida and Auburn, two of the better SEC programs and scheduled and beat Texas, out of conference. They seem battle tested and bring a weapon to their rivalry with Alabama, they normally don't have, a high powered offense. Year after year you can count on LSU to have one of the country's top defense's, this year, their offense has been a huge part of their success. QB Joe Burrow is on everyone's draft board after his performance in the first 8 games, dude is cold as ice and never shrinks in a big moment.

I'm going to be honest with you, I have not seen Alabama play much this year. I haven't bothered watching because they have yet to play a real opponent and I don't sit through games like those. I've seen a ton of LSU because of the tough games they scheduled and they look as good as I've ever seen an LSU team.

I hope LSU stomps Alabama's faces into the ground, I hope they diminish their spirit and embarrass them, I hate Alabama with a screaming passion. Nick Saban, to me is one of the world's biggest d-bags, I have never liked the guy, I most certainly hate his teams. LSU is the opposite, a likable rising star QB, a great fan-base that's not as spoiled as Alabama's and the most lovable head coach in all of football, Ed Orgeron.

Just watch this video of Ed, walking to last year's game against Alabama and tell me you wouldn't run through a wall for this guy? That's who I would want to play for, not this boring ass clown.

I got lazy and picked any video of him, don't worry, I could not watch it either, he's the most boring dude on the Earth. If a duck sat down to talk about football and the press was there, that is what it would look like. Tomorrow won't be boring and I'll be glued, Go Tigers.

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