I've lived in Connecticut for years, long enough to know that this is a goofy concept.

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Homes for $50,000? What am I thinking? It's pretty simple, I'm curious. What I like about this list is that I was able to make one. These are not palatial estates but they are there and someone could make it their castle with the right amount of spit and grit.

These Connecticut Homes are For Sale For Under 50,000 Dollars

Conneticut is an exceptionally expensive place to live and the real estate is off the charts. The cost of things had me wondering if it was even possible to find homes for $50K or less. My hypothesis was I would find a few parcels of land but that is about it. Let's see excatly what I was able to find using Redfin.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Let's be real these are not great options but It's Connecticut. I honestly did not expect to see anything when I typed the number 50,000 into the search bar.

P.S. I used to own a home in Connecticut, I don't anymore. The thing is, I get the anxiety chills every time I think about doing it again. The cost of living goes up exponentially year-after-year so I like to know that I can flee at a moment's notice. I don't want to leave but if you're not very wealthy it crosses your mind everyday. Us peasants are being pushed out, there is no other way to look at it.

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All Along the Posh Tower, Glorious $15 Million Connecticut Estate Hits the Market

This home is not a home it’s not an address, it’s 3 full addresses in a gated community, that sits inside a gated community. It’s a playground, a trophy and a showpiece for anyone who can afford the price tag. Here’s how I will do this; the top line will be what I’d say to you, if I was the realtor, and the bottom line will be wiseass commentary for my own sick amusement. 

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

Tommy Hilfiger's Former CT Estate Seems Like Something Out of a Movie

This is not a home, it is a friggin palace. What do you do with a house like this? You invite people over to remind them you’re better than they are. You have massive parties; you pay strangers to take care of all the grounds and you beg people to live with you so you’re not lonely. This home is a statement, and the statement is I wanted to buy the Playboy mansion, but someone beat me to it.  Check out the unbelievable former Connecticut home of Tommy Hilfiger.  

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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Visual Guide of Mark Twain's Redding + Hartford , CT Homes and Years

Mark Twain lived in CT for nearly 20 years, he owned homes in Hartford and Redding. Twain even purchased a second Redding home for his daughter. During his CT years he wrote classics like; "The Adventures of Tom Sawyer", "The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn" and "A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur’s Court."

Each week on the Ethan and Lou Radio Show we are joined in the studio by Mike Allen for a segment we call: "The Place You Live." Mike brings his research findings with him and shares another amazing local story, this week, it was all about Mark Twain's ties to the Constitution State. This is a visual guide of Mark Twain's footprint on Connecticut.

Gallery Credit: Lou Milano

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