This video is as fake as they come but that means little to nothing to me. This man's out there bringing smiles to a nation that needs smiles right now and raising some interesting questions and concerns about COVID-19.

Beyond the laughs provided here I do have layers of confusion surrounding one of the statements he made. He wants to go back to the days where you can stick your face in someone's rear end and not have to wash your hands? Is that what I am getting here?

First off, I'd like to believe that after an activity like that you are washing up any and everywhere but your hands would come after your face. No matter what the case I'd like to thank this man for taking the time to throw this together and I wish him well with his new internet fame. Now, I have to go fill up a bottle of sanitizer that I will carry everywhere from here on out and spray people in the face should they cough or sneeze withing six feet of me.

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