7 year old 'Louis the Emu' who stands 6' 2" has disappeared from the Smith Family Farm in New Milford, again.

According to New Milford's Patch, Louis leapt over his fence and has been on the loose for a week. This is not the first time Louis has gone missing. He attempted to make a run for it this past Halloween but was lured back by the Smith family with some of his favorite food.

The Smith Family explained to the Patch that Louis is a gentle bird who was trained to be around dogs and humans, especially children, who were able to ride on Louis's back at the farm. Because of Louis's friendly nature, the Smith Family is afraid that he won't perceive predators as a threat so the family has assembled organized searches who are out looking for Louis in area woods and farms.

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Owners, Val and Al Smith are asking for your help with finding Louis, who should be easy to spot at 6 feet 2 inches. He's got quite a long neck, is brown with soft feathers, is friendly towards people, and can run at speeds up to 30mph. If you should spot Louis, call 860-355-1694. A $100 reward is being offered.

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