My wife Erica's first mistake was marrying me. Her second mistake was trying to share her muffin business idea with me.

I grabbed the camera and captured a typical psycho conversation between the two of us. Check it out:

No one can build a muffin empire. Do you want to know why? Muffins sound great on paper, but they are not that good.

Now, you may be saying, "This guy is full of 'S'." Think about it though. You have bought muffins, but have you ever finished one? No, you have not. It ends up wrapped in a napkin in the cup holder. because even the best muffin is not better than a donut or a bacon, egg and cheese. Do better, muffins. You stink.

Furthermore, muffins are not a safe financial future for our family. That's all I am saying. I'm usually the one with the bad ideas, but this is maybe Erica's worst idea.

Do you know the muffin man? You may be saying, "Sure I do, he lives on Drury Lane." WRONG. His house was foreclosed on because his muffin business went belly-up.

Elaine and Mr. Littman tried this and called their muffin top only business "Top of the Muffin to You!" It was not a great success.

It was NOT a hit with Rebecca Demorney either

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