Be a patriot and join us at 'The Ethan and Lou 2nd Chance Prom' on Friday evening, June 22 at the Amber Room Colonnade.

It really has nothing to do with being a patriot but it has everything to do with a night out which includes Ethan and Lou, mouthwatering appetizers, a buffet dinner fit for a king, two drink tickets for beer or wine, a luscious deluxe ice cream bar, and all the dance music you can handle with one of the best party bands in the business, 'Fast Ricky!' All of this for a measly $35 per person!

2nd Chance Prom
2nd Chance Prom

The Amber Room Colonnade is one of the premier catering facilities in Connecticut. The place is classy and the food is scrumptious. The bottom line is Lou and I want to party with our listeners.

Invite your core group of friends and get a table of 10 and make it an extra memorable evening! To reserve your tickets for our 'Third 2nd Chance Prom,' click on this link and we'll see you on Friday evening, June 22.



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