Whenever I am invited to a party, I ask "who is going to be there?"

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It's human nature to ask this question, we want to know if we are going to be surrounded by people we enjoy spending time with. So, rather than have you have to ask me who will be at Camping for Cans 2021, I want to tell you.

Danbury Mayor Joe Cavo

Lou MIlano

This was the easiest phone call I made. I knew my friend, Mayor Cavo would not miss a chance to help the community as long as he was not out of town.

Mike Allen - The Place You Live 

Lou Milano

Mike Allen produces one of our most popular Ethan and Lou features "The Place You Live" and we are delighted to announce that you could meet Mike this weekend.

Danbury Mayor Elect Dean Esposito

Lou Milano

Dean gave us an enthusiastic yes when we asked if he could make it to Camping for Cans 2021. We are looking forward to watching him dance, I'm going to ask him to because I learned that he is a very competent dancer.

Comedian Christine O'Leary

Lou Milano

Christine is one of the funniest, kindest people you will ever meet. I'm proud to call her a friend and I'm really excited that she is coming because she can raise funds like no one I've ever seen. We have seen a real difference in dollars raised at Camping for Cans the years she is a part of it.

CT Tax Commissioner & Former Danbury Mayor Mark Boughton

Lou Milano

We are going to clean the dust off America's Mayor and bring him out of hiding for this appearance. When I texted Mark to ask if we can count on him making an appearance at Camping for Cans this year, he responded simply: "Fo sho!" That means he will be there.

Newtown First Selectman Dan Rosenthal

Facebook with permission

Recently someone asked me, why do you guys ignore Newtown, CT on the Ethan and Lou Show? They were right, we do but it's not because we don't love Newtown, it's because for years Newtown has had to deal with the national press for all the wrong reasons, they have been treated unfairly and used to sell evening news pieces, newspapers and magazines.

Some years ago, Ethan and I made a pact that we'd never contribute the press problems Newtown has had and made a promise to each other that we would not be a nuisance. It's time to revise our relationship with Newtown and be more involved and engaged without being obnoxious. To that end, we reached out to Newtown First Selectman Dan Rosenthal to establish a relationship with him and invite him to Camping for Cans, he gladly accepted and we are looking forward to seeing him down there.

Danbury City Councilman Roberto Alves 

Lou Milan0

Roberto lost was one the slimmest Mayoral elections in Danbury history but that is not what defines him, his love for the Hat City does in my opinion. When I asked Roberto if he would come to Camping for Cans he said yes right away. Roberto will do just about anything to help the Danbury and its residents and he knows that Camping for Cans does just that.

New Milford Mayor Pete Bass

Lou Milano

New Milford Mayor Pete Bass might just be the most popular politician in the State of CT, so we had to have "The Bassman." Pete accepted our invitation and we are delighted he will join us at Camping for Cans 2021.

Former President of the Danbury Trashers & Owner of Champs Boxing AJ Galante 

Lou Milano

I added the President of the Bad Boys of hockey just this week and we are pumped to have AJ join us. Galante's star went through the roof this year when the Danbury Trashers Documentary dropped on Netflix and ever since AJ has been in high demand for photo-ops and interviews. Although AJ is very busy, he made it a priority to free up some time in his schedule to join us at Camping for Cans 2021.

As far as appointments, when exactly people will be there, I just cannot remember so don't miss this amazing event. The idea behind bringing these folks along is to generate a buzz and create a crowd. I want more people than ever to come out and be a part of Camping for Cans 2021 because that means more money for the Hillside Food Outreach, which in-turn becomes more meals for those in need in our local area.

I'm not playing around this year, I want to get this right.

What is Camping for Cans? You must have been living under a rock for the last 14 years or you go on vacation for all of November every year. Camping for Cans is a marathon live broadcast that takes place in a parking lot (BJ's - Brookfield) where we collect non-perishable food items, cash and checks made out to the Hillside Food Outreach.

100% of the donations go to feed families who are in need in the Greater-Danbury area and even in Putnam County, NY. Hillside takes the money and checks we give them and shops for more food, and thanks to the relationships they have with grocery stores, they can stretch the dollar even further, so don't feel bad about bringing cash or check, it's preferable.

We begin Friday (11/19/21) morning (6 AM) on the Ethan and Lou Show where we will broadcast live at 106 Federal Road in Brookfield from a tent. We stay out there in some form or fashion until Sunday afternoon (11/21/21) and collect and collect and collect.

I'm pretty sure, Dean Esposito, Mark Boughton and Joe Cavo will be making their appearances around the same time Friday morning, I'd guess between 7-9 AM. Pete Bass and Dan Rosenthal are coming on Saturday after 9 AM and Christine will do the whole show with us Friday morning between 6-9 AM.

Please come out, meet your favorite local leader, tell Christine jokes and drop a few dollars into the bucket to help your neighbor. Thank you to our amazing sponsors who have already made their generous donations to the effort:

P.S. You made it to the bottom so I'll tell you, Dan Rosenthal, Pete Bass and Roberto Alves will be at Camping for Cans Saturday morning. Friday morning it will be Christine O'Leaary and AJ Galante. I do not have exact times and days for Dean Esposito and Joe Cavo.

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