The last Walking Dead episode seems like it was a year ago. We have been sitting around waiting. They hit us with a cliff hanger in that episode. At the end we learned Carl had been bitten. Now it's time to get going and get back in action with Rick, Negan and the gang.

Let's get a few things out of the way. I was a late comer to the Dead and I am OK with that, I'm all in now. I don't care that it was based on a comic so don't recommend I read them, I won't. Lastly, Carl can go ahead and die. If they wanted to choose a character to have us worried about over the break, they chose wrong. Carl is the worst. Die Carl, DIE!

I think the most fascinating thing that will be answered for the rest of this season is what's going to happen with Negan? This thing has played itself out long enough that it needs a conclusion soon. This would likely mean Negan dies at the hands of Rick Grimes but how do you move on from a villain as good as Negan?

It's a double edged sword. If they extend the Negan story line, it's kind of forced to keep him on the show. If you kill him off, he has to be replaced with a brand new challenge, a new villain. That's going to be SO hard to do. Jeffrey Dean Morgan can flat out act and this character was perfect for him. Either way I am ready to roll. I'll be planted on the couch Sunday.

P.S. According to the Hollywood Reporter Lauren Cohan AKA "Maggie" is considering leaving the show.

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