I grew up in the mid-60s during the heydays of the drive-in movie theater. I have vivid memories of my dad taking me to see the first and second Beatle movies, "A Hard Day's Night" in 1964 and "Help" in 1965 when I was a rabid Beatle's fan.

The movies were just horrible, but they featured my idols playing and singing their groovy songs. I remember like it was yesterday watching George Harrison fingering the chords to "Help" during the movie and I was in heaven.

Then a different type of heaven began to materialize as I got older. My high school girlfriend, Sharon, and I went to various drive-in movies and can't remember one of the movies we saw because we were making out like the world was coming to an end. Not to mention the fact all the windows were too fogged up to see anything. So, whaddya say? Let's see what's playing!

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