Amazon pick of the year. Introducing "Subtle Butt" charcoal underwear pads. These pads filer your gas commissions and will run you just around $20 bucks. Avoid embarrassing pants smells with "Subtle-Butt."

Here's how the Amazon listing explains the product:

  • ODOR FILTER: Antimicrobial, activated charcoal pads filter odors from intestinal gas. It neutralizes any odor that passes through it, so don't let any escape around it!
  • DISCREET: Soft fabric-covered antimicrobial activated carbon pads are thin, discreet, disposable & self-adheres to clothing
  • EFFECTIVE: Best selling flatulence pad on the market
  • GREAT GAG GIFT: A waaaay better stocking stuffer or white elephant gift than actual coal
  • REUSABLE: Up to 6 months

I take issue with "reusable." No, just no. While "Subtle-Butt" wants you to believe these work they also have this listed as a "Great Gag-Gift." This makes me wonder whether they work. C'mon "Subtle -Butt!" You can't be all things to all people. These things work and you market them to people with I.B.S. or they don't and you sell them to people who are "hilarious" on April Fool's Day. Get real.

Also there is nothing "subtle": about any butt, no butt in the history of butts has ever been subtle.


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