When I got to work this morning, I had a voicemail from the Brookfield Fire Marshal's office. While Brookfield made the request, it seemed pretty universal and good common sense.

The Fire Marshal asked us to put out the word and ask local residents and businesses to shovel out around fire hydrants if they are any on your property. The hydrants, being generally close to the road, get buried in snowbanks. If their not cleaned off, it will take precious minutes to find and clear in the event of a fire. As everyone knows, every second can count.

In Brookfield's case, the fire department is volunteer, and their firefighters have been trying to clear things as they can. However, they have to do it at night, which isn't necessarily the best time to be rooting around on the side of the road looking for a fire hydrant.

So, if you have a hydrant on your property, please give them a hand and clear it. Thanks in advance on behalf of firefighters everywhere.

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