It's officially Spring 2024, and with the warmer weather just moments away, the first round of food trucks have been fired up from their Winter storage. Finding a food truck in Northwest Connecticut is a rarity, but a famous one is coming to Torrington next week.

Torrington's Bad Dog Brewing Company has announced that the famous Cousins Maine Lobster food truck, which you may have seen on Food Network, Master Chef, and Shark Tank, will be pulling their traps into T-Town next Friday, March 31, 2024. Cousins will be setting up outside Bad Dog, which is located in downtown at 117 Water Street, from Noon to 8PM.

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I tried Cousins products just a couple of months ago, when they set up shop in front of Theory Wellness in Great Barrington, Massachusetts. I tried the lobster roll, a cup of the lobster bisque, and an order of lobster tots, they were all excellent. Each item ranges from $10-$25, and the line for service wrapped around the truck.

I've lived in Torrington for two years now, and I have to say that if you're looking for lobster, fried clams, or another New England seafood specialty, your seafood restaurant choices in Torrington are sparse. I've said it in past articles, when I prefer the seafood coming out of Big Y in Torrington over your house-made fish & chips, you have to up your quality. The vast majority of restaurants that I've been to serve bay scallops, and 51/60 shrimp. Lobster rolls? Good luck on your search, I'll be heading to Bad Dog in the meantime.

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