First off this is an old 1st day of school photo of my son but it is pretty cute. Now he does not look like a hostage but that's more about him loving the camera than anything. Most kids do look like hostages in their 1st day photos.

That's what my brilliantly funny friend RC Smith said and boy is he right. I mean it makes sense. The people they (our kids) love and trust the most, pack them a bologna sandwich, herd them on a bus and send them to an institution with strangers to look after them. That must be terrifying. I don't remember being that young but I bet I felt betrayed by my parents and rightfully so.

I mean how do we even know what they are doing when they are at school? Sure, they give us a few opportunities throughout the year to visit the school and hear about our kids progress but this could all be a front. How do we know they don't have them knitting sweaters all day? We don't know. All I am saying is it may be time to ask some probing questions.

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