Sunday night's debut episode of the fourth season of This Is Life with Lisa Ling on CNN featured a naked Lisa Ling. In the episode titled, "Sexual Healing", Ling got fully naked (which you obviously can't see) as a part of the episode which explored America's relationship with sexuality.

"I've always had a lot of hangups about sex," she admitted on a recent episode of Salon Talks, "I grew up in a pretty conservative household. Even as an adult, it's been difficult to talk openly about it. My sense is that a lot of people feel that way and they have always felt this sort of shame around sex."

Good for her, getting naked and all. I don't see why it's a big deal, nudity in general. I am assuming that was the point she was trying to make. We all have our "privates." We all have some "Kibbles" and some "bits." The ole' "dining and entertainment district" resides right below a thin layer of fabric. What's the big deal?

Maybe we should make less of a deal about sexuality and a bigger deal out of violence. Then, maybe we can solve some of the very apparent problems we have in this country. Also, I am a big fan of nudity. So this is a win-win around the block.

The fact that she got naked for episode 1, season 4 of her show means one of two things: Either the ratings are poor or she's just a super dedicated journalist. Either way, fun stuff.

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