The storms on Monday afternoon caused more than street flooding and a few down branches. The vivid lightning was responsible for a massive brush fire in Brookfield.

According to the Brookfield Volunteer Fire Company's Facebook page, as members of the department were reporting for storm standby service, they received a call shortly after 4:30 PM about a brush fire on Ina's Road. When units arrived on the scene, there was a substantial fire in the rear yard from a lightning strike.

Apparently, a tree was hit, then lightning traveled down the tree and ignited a large pile of debris and dead trees that were left there from last year's Macroburst.

It took a little over thirty minutes and some 1000 gallons of water for members of the BVFC to extinguish the blaze. Mother Nature seemed to be targeting Brookfield, at the same time firefighters were battling this blaze, another lightning strike on Windwood Road was reported, but no problems were created by the second strike.

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