"Nails" is back in the public eye. Lenny Dykstra entered a not guilty plea on Monday to terroristic threats and drug charges in connection with an Uber incident. He is accused of threatening an Uber driver and being in possession of cocaine and Methamphetamine.

The incident in question took place May 23rd. The driver says Dykstra threatened to kill him when he refused to allow him to change the agreed upon destination. Dykstra claims the driver kidnapped him. All of this according to NBC News. 

This is police body cam footage from the day in question after police were called:

I hear there is a General Manager position open in the Mets organization right now. I can't think of a "MORE MET MOVE" then to hire a man accused of Meth possession and threats. Let's go get em' Wilpons. Forget playing David Wright or Tim Tebow, you wanna put asses in the seats go get the fan favorite that knows how to party.


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