Jack Deep said it best when he told the CTPost:

Sometimes you have to know when it's time, and it's time.

Jack is the owner of Deep's Hardware and he says in the article:

I'm retiring. We've been part of this business community for almost the last 70 years.

The store is officially closing today (March 24) and is having a 40% off sale to sell off as much of their stock as possible. So, why are they closing?

Jack really wants to retire, but there are other reasons. The big box stores like the Home Depot has hurt their business, and the construction on North Street at the I-84 intersection was the final blow according to Russel Moore, who worked at Deep's Hardware for 28 years.

I remember the last time I was in Deep's Hardware about a year ago for a small fixture, and was blown away by how clean and organized the store was. Plus, they had exactly what I needed.

Their prices were some of the best in Danbury. You most likely remember Deep's grocery store before they sold it to C-Town, and Deep's Trellis Restaurant, which they also sold to a new owner over the last three years. In closing, Deep told the CTPost:

I thank my customers for their patronage and for an awful lot of them for their friendship

Good luck, Jack. Your business will be missed!

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