How does the possibility of four free years of college in Connecticut sound?

The proposed program is called 'Free 2 Start/Free 2 Finish College Completion.' According to an article in the, the Democrats are saying free college would attract young people to Connecticut. The Republicans are asking where's the money coming from? In case you haven't heard Connecticut is fresh out of money.

The 'free college plan' would cost $30 million a year. The Democrats say that having more young adults with degrees would attract more business to the state. The Republicans again ask, "So, who's going to pay the $30 million per year" which is a fair point. The state is in the hole to the tune of, $200 million.

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The Democrats say that free college tuition would put college within the reach of more residents and that they would be debt free once they've graduated. I don't have to tell you what the conservatives are saying.

The free tuition program would only be available through state schools and each student would have to be a Connecticut resident, which means that if you live in the state, Western Connecticut State University could be one of your choices.

Is there any chance in holy hell that the free tuition program will become a reality?

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