As of Monday, March 13 at 12 noon, Connecticut Governor Daniel Malloy has created a page where you can obtain the latest storm updates at any time.

From an in-depth article in the Hartford Courant for all of you weather junkies comes a comprehensive look at how to obtain all the information you could possibly need for armageddon known as Winter Storm Stella.

  1. There is a blizzard watch, but it's for the southern Connecticut coastline ONLY. The rest of the state is under a winter storm warning.
  2. Town parking bans and school closures are handled by each town individually. To find out about what's happening in your Connecticut town, click this link.
  3. To check Traffic cameras from all over the state, click on this link.
  4. Make sure your phones, tablets, and laptops are all fully charged so you're able to check updates on utility company power outages if your electricity bites the bed.
  5. Whatever you do during this storm, avoid your microwave at all costs. It could be a possible spy camera according to Kelly Ann Conway.
  6. The most comprehensive weather website to follow the storm can be found by clicking on

Let's flash back to one of Connecticut's worst snow storms in its history from 1978.

Just follow these five basic rules and you should survive Winter Storm Stella just fine.

  1. Duck and Cover
  2. If You See Something, Say Something
  3. Drop and Roll
  4. Love the One You're With
  5. Keep It Simple Stupid

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