There is an erotic novel out right now that has gone viral called: "Kissing the coronavirus." In it, an evil scientist contracts the virus and he becomes the physical embodiment of the virus and the main character Alexa has sex with him.

When I found out about this I wasted no time buying the book for .99 cents. Now I will share with you one of my favorite excerpts:

That is just one take from the book, here is the one they released with the promotional material:

Alexa felt a rush of excitement every time she picked up the Corona sample, like a pulsating, erect penis, desperate to unleash its devastation on anyone who touched it.

Annnnnd, we are pulsating. This is unquestionably a comedy but some folks are not taking it that way and that's cool too. Esquire published this excerpt which I have edited:

And he spun her over, clamping his hands down on her ass, --------- her ------ wide so he could thrust his warbling ------ deep into her ------ of ecstasy.”

Yep, that happened. This morning (10/5/20) we carefully read some of the books passages on the Ethan and Lou Show and the Direct messages started flooding in. People were buying it left and right. Most did not want to go on record as having made this purchase but excitement was building. Why not?

It's a fun topic, it's absurd and plays on our fears surrounding the virus. This book will not win M.J. Edwards any awards but he/she will have a good couple of months and so will the rest of us thanks to this fun distraction.

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