According to USA Today the lava flows from the Kiauea volcano have reached the ocean. When the lava meets the much cooler water you get "laze." It's a health threat and citizens on the big island of Hawaii have been warned to avoid it. "Laze" spews hydrochloric acid steam into the air along with particles of glass.

Weather man. Weather is wild. Life got you down? Are you bored to tears? Just wait awhile and weather WILL provide you with something to do and talk about. Maybe it will have you running for your life, hunkering down, buying all the milk and bread in the region or acquainting yourself with the local La Quinta Inn & Suites.

How bout lava by the way? Lava is like the zombie of weather. It's scary, it's dangerous but it just creeps towards you at like 1 mph. You can choose to run from it and you will likely get away. Or, you can hang back to check it out and get fine particles of glass in your lungs and eyes with side dish of acid in your face.

WEATHER. It's interesting for sure. This guy knows what I'm talking about.


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