According to NBC 2 in Denver, CO a child's lemonade stand raising money for charity was shut down due to a lack of a permit. Jennifer Knowles is the mother of two boys who wanted to raise money for a local charity in Denver. She says the boys set up shop at the Denver Arts Festival.

The city swooped in and shut them down because they had no permit. City officials had this to say on the matter "it's about health and safety, no matter the age of the operator." The report states the kids were set up next to a licensed lemonade vendor. The mom said "We had never thought other lemonade vendors could feel threatened by our little kid lemonade stand."

A children's lemonade stand is one of the great things about this country. It teaches kids hard work, social skills and about dealing with money.  In this specific case they were doing it for charity and it was still shut down. I wanna meet the mutant who dropped the dime on these kids so I can give them a piece of my mind.

This is officially the end. Shut it down. We are done here. The world is a toilet, everyone has gone mad.

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