NFL fans know Joe Theismann as a great NFL quarterback, an NFL commentator and now an outspoken critic of one of the NFL's dumbest rules. The roughing the passer rules have stirred up controversy over the first 3 weeks of football this season and the former Washington Redskins QB is no fan of the rule. Theismann spoke to TMZ Sports about it.

If you would think anyone is NFL history would be FOR these rules that protect the quarterback it would be a man who had his NFL career cut short by injury. This is exactly what happened to Joe Theismann in 1985.

The fact that Theismann of all people is against these rules highlights just how dumb they are. The rules, put in place to protect the quarterback make it impossible for defensive players to do their jobs. Furthermore it actually puts the defensive player at higher risk for injury. Are their careers meaningless?

Football is violent and not for everyone. The players know the risks and they play the game for love, money or both. Trying to protect them from head injuries, all of them should be a top priority but NOT being able to hit the QB at all is a joke.



No, this cannot stand.


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