Jim Cantore was reporting on Hurricane Michael from Panama City Florida yesterday. The system has now been downgraded to a tropical storm. Cantore is the cowboy of the weather game, he's famous for pushing ahead to broadcast in weather situations most won't consider. He's pretty much the Scrappy Doo of weather. He was back at it.

That was Cantore helping a colleague out when they were maybe in over their head. That was him assisting NBC's Kerry Sanders. He has pulled the competition at of jams many times. In this clip he nearly escapes flying debris.

Here is the full clip from the Austin American Statesman where after he ducks the flying debris, he demands a helmet and before you know it, there is Jim Cantore wearing a helmet. He's a wild man and there is no one I'd rather have by my side if I HAD to run face first into a Hurricane.

This guy obviously has something to prove to someone somewhere but at least he seems to look kinda cool testing Mother Nature. Some guys just don't have it. I'll tell you who does not have the "IT FACTOR" in the weather game and that is Jeff "What the?" Flock of Fox News. Jeff Flock did his best Jim Cantore impression yesterday and failed miserably.

Jeff, take a knee. You don't have the calves for this.


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