Le'Veon Bell took to Twitter yesterday to declare he won't participate in the NFL's random drug testing anymore.

During his time as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers, Bell was twice suspended for violating the NFL's drug policies according to FOX News. If what Bell is saying, is true he is being tested more than is probably necessary.

However, this declaration is one that I doubt he can stick to, if he wants to play. I'd imagine the league would treat this the same way a cop would treat a suspected DUI driver, refusing a field sobriety test. You have to think, refusal will be met with the consequences attached to a positive test.

I was surprised to read about this yesterday. The fact is Le'Veon had drastically altered his image in less than one year with the Jets. Le'Veon has been a model citizen and teammate with Jets according to those on the inside. He's managed to change perceptions about him in a tough year with the Jets organization. He has put team first at every pass and now this.

He will lose this battle with the NFL, it's a distraction and is an unnecessary stand for him to take. The fact is, he's twice been deemed, to be in violation of league drug policies. Players who violate the policy get tested a lot. If you have nothing to hide, take the test and move on.

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