I asked the question many months ago, "how would the Jets screw up having what appears to be a franchise QB, top draft picks and a talented young team?" The answer is Adam Gase and now it's a double dose of Adam who will act as Head Coach & GM.

GM Mike Maccagnan was fired yesterday, Gase was named interim and away we go. The Jets did something a lot of teams do and they fired their GM. However they really distinguished themselves by the timing of the firing. No one fires their GM coming off of the draft, especially one that looks pretty good on paper.

Why was "Mac" fired? I have no idea but there has been wide media speculation for months that newly hired Gase and he were not getting along. If it's true the Jets chose sides and picked the side of a guy who has a questionable track record. It's not as if Gase's resume is going to blow anyone away.

The Jets are now all in on Adam Gase but they are ownership they can't get fired. So who is on the hot seat with this decision? Who stands to lose the most? Adam Gase is the answer. Assuming they do not remove his interim GM tag, any failures associated with the Jets will be his to own and his alone. I'm putting my money on failure. I don't trust those eyes.

Jets = Dumpster fire.

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