According to HuffPost Vlad Putin calendars are flying off the shelves in a popular Japanese retailer called "Loft." The photos of the 66 year old Russian President are mostly shirtless photos but all express a rugged masculinity.

No one can know for sure if people are buying them for ironic, humorous purposes or if Putin is just an over the top turn on to women all over Japan. One photo has Putin playing ice hockey, another features him swimming in a freezing lake in January. All of the photos are absurd.

I love the photo I used for this story because it looks like Putin is actually talking to this other dude about the calendar. He looks like he is saying, "I don't know why?" I'm hot I guess." If you didn't read the last couple sentences aloud in your worst Russian accent, please go back and do that. It's a lot more fun that way.

This, this is PUTIN' it in perspective.

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