Last week a Reddit user that goes by andherewestand posted an interesting conversation starter to the Connecticut page, they wrote:

I've lived in Connecticut my whole life and I've never______

The responses came flooding in and one was funnier than the next.

Cheesecake_McGee: "Been Rich"

shadow_walker: "Fr when I'm out of state some people just assume everyone from CT is rich lol."

Lemonsnoseeds: "Gotten out of the left lane."

Memento_Mori_5: "Ok, so this is a CT thing! I’ve only lived here for 2 years, but holy s--- are CT drivers stubborn."

Hindihop: "Not necessarily stubborn. Stupid and ignorant to logic and reality."

Fast_Independence962: "I have never been to the Pez factory in Orange although I live close."

NameEater368: "We have a Pez factory???"

Frequent-Storage693: "Where did you think pez headquarters was?"

andherewestand: "tubed down the Farmington river."

Miles_vel_Day: "...had a three-way. :( Oh, is it supposed to be Connecticut-related? Sorry. Never had a three-way in the Mark Twain House. :("

Mbaya_Yangu: "The full CT Three Way, requires the act completed in Mark Twain House, Gillete's Castle, & Nathan Hale SchoolHouse."

Prize-Hedgehog: "Worn a pair of Sperrys."

FunnyGumby: "Been a corrupt mayor of Waterbury."

the_mair: "What about corrupt mayor of Bridgeport?"

HerAirness: "Popped the collar on my polo."

Cosophalas: "…used my turn signals.”

ixchalice: "I have never eaten pizza in New Haven."

Nelly4Ever36: "Gone to the Big E or a DMB show."

HighJeanette: "been to Uconn."

merryone2K: "I've lived in Connecticut my whole life and I've never wanted to leave. Not even as an angsty teenager."

Bobobobopedia: "Been able to take the train to work."

CaptServo: "eaten a steamed ham."

beaveristired: "Worn Salmon-colored shorts."

Bex2232: "Had a lobster roll."

spikedmacaroon: "Come to a complete stop at a stop sign."

UrbanArtifact: "Gone nutmeg pickin'"

Old-Ad-3268: "Ordered from a chain pizzeria."

JMyco927: "Haven’t lived in CT my whole life but I’ve never seen somebody take a 90° turn. I swear everybody in this State slows down to almost a compete stop and somehow still manages to cuts 45° across the oncoming lane of the street they are turning onto."

ThePermafrost: "Complained about taxes or said we’re an expensive state to live in."

One-21-Giggawatts: "Tried to go to Dudley Town."

Voodoouser: "Done meth."

Amen to that brother no ice in paradise.

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Aurora Photography
Aurora Photography

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